Sunday, 5 June 2011

Guru Magazine Zero Issue Review

 So i recently saw a twitter update that took me to the Guru Magazine introduction page.  The article essentially talked about how in this new digital age we have entered a "new digital age of ignorance" and frankly I agree.  In a world where with a few key strokes you can determine if that questionable remedy for a stomach ache is a hoax or not, people rarely do so.  They note that this is because science is synonymous with complexity and boredom.  They created Guru Magazine to be a eZine that presents science in a way that is approachable to the general public.  As I browsed the zero issue that is available on their site for free (zero issue) I was very happy with their approach.

 They split the information into sections such as tech, science, food and mind and have short but engaging articles.  The overall layout feels like a lifestyle magazine as they intended and the use of pictures and graphics really gives the whole thing a nice flow.  If you have ever been interested in science but found it a bit out of your grasp I suggest you keep an eye out for the next articles (, or better yet follow them on twitter @GuruMag.


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  1. Many thanks for the review - glad you enjoyed Issue Zero! This was our pilot issue so keep an eye out for Issue One, which will be available from 1st August.